Celebrate your party with these unique themes 

When hosting an event, you may wonder how you can make it all the more special, all the more unique and all the more fun. We have made a list of the best party theme ideas that are bound to make your next party all the better!

Make your next event stand out from the crowd with these Instagram-worthy party theme ideas:

Party Theme Idea: Under the Sea

This theme may bring up memories of old school dances but nonetheless, this classic theme is right on trend. Using Pantone colours of the year, coral and blue, lean into the colors gold, green and white!

Party Theme Idea: Circus Gala

This fun themes encourages your guests to dress in their finest circus attire and have a ball. Be sure to use the traditional circus stripe theme in your decor. You can even add to the glam and mysticism with live performances.

Party Theme Idea: Havana Nights

Tropical flair is all the rage in fashion at the moment so this party theme is perfectly on trend. Take your guests to the tropics with rum cocktails, latin dance music and outlandish tropical prints – what a blast. 

Party Theme Idea: Rock n’ Roll Party

Its a classic for a reason – this theme is perfect for a 50th or 60th birthday party. Your guests will love dressing up in their most hardcore outfits, with spikes, mohawks, and biker boots encouraged. Deck out your venue in black and silver and be sure to keep the dance floor alive with classic rock and roll hits.

Party Theme Idea: Ready Player One

Why not choose a video-game inspired party theme? You can invite guests to dress as their favorite game character, past or present – from Geralt of Rivia and Lora Croft to Luigi and the Sims! You can decorate your venue to have this retro arcade game vibe and even include virtual reality headsets for entertainment!

Party Theme Idea: Candy Crush

Keen to throw a colourful bash? Why not try this sweet theme! Hang giant candy like decorations and make sure to have a sweets table with all things bright and colorful!

Party Theme Idea: Bubbles & Bowties

Keen to glam it up for your party? This theme calls for sophisticated black-tie dress-up. Almost Great Gatsby inspired, this champagne-filled soiree is bound to a ball! 

Party Theme Idea: Heroes & Villains

An oldie but a goodie – this theme is for those who love superhero movies, marvel and comic books. Let your guests choose between their favourite villains and heros, and make sure to decorate your venue Gotham style!

Party Theme Idea: Club Carnival

This party theme should be so much fun! Add in some carnival games, popcorn, sugary treats, show bags, and eclectic prizes — anything to recreate a carnival will do!

Party Theme Idea: Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

This theme is perfect for a daytime affair. Invite your guests into Alice in Wonderland’s whimsical set by decorating with all the tea party decor but be sure you bend the rules when it comes to styling.

Party Theme Idea: Tequila Fiesta

Taking inspiration from down south create a great fiesta. Vibrant colours with sombreros, fishbowl margaritas and authentic street tacos – what a jol!

Party Theme Idea: Harry Potter Magic

Bring the magic of Harry Potter to your guests and decorate your venue with enchanting wizardry. Create banners with the four houses and be sure to spike your own mysterious concoction brews.

Party Theme Idea: Hollywood Glamour

For those who love the glitzy world of holywood, this party theme should be fun. Make your guests walk the red carpet and enjoy oscars, movie reel decor and even a paparazzi.

Party Theme Idea: Pink flamingo delights

Love you some pink? Invite your guests to a pink tropical party with pastel colours, flamingoes, flowers and pineapples.

Party Theme Idea: Throwback to the 90’s 

Make it a retro 90’s party and serve the most popular and favourite candies from this era. Also ask your guests to dress vintage for the occasion.