Budget Busters for Your Wedding 

Weddings can be an expensive occasion, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. When it comes to cutting costs, it’s possible to do it subtly while still having a glam wedding. Here are the biggest budget busters and how to watch out for them. 

Cutting wedding costs

1. The flowers

Make double out of your buck by using your church blooms at your reception. Have your bridal party transport the flowers and put them up at your reception after the ceremony. Another option is to use flowers from your friend’s or family’s gardens, this will not only cut costs but allow a creative flare with your flower arrangements. Succulents are another trending plant featuring in weddings in 2018. Rock roses and cacti can look very chic when incorporated into your table decor. 

2. The decor

Choose a venue with its own decor, that way you won’t need to add much to make it beautiful. This means you will be saving tons of time and money! When it comes to decor, use Pinterest to find tons of DIY decor ideas using old wine bottles or sewing hacks, that way you can still have a beautiful wedding and not break the bank on multiple identical table decorations. 

3. The dress

Be wary of buying the first dress you see, shop around a bit for different styles – that come in different budgets. Once you have found your dress, be careful of losing or gaining too much weight as alterations could cost extra. Also be open to the option of renting a dress rather than buying one, after all, it’s one day and you may never wear it again? 

4. The bridesmaids 

Bridesmaid dresses don’t have to be the responsibility of the bride, you could ask your ladies to buy their own dresses instead of buying you a wedding gift. When it comes to bridesmaid dresses, try find something that suits each person individually but don’t just think of dresses. Skirts and jumpsuits can be a great and fashionable alternative that could save you or your bridesmaids some cash. 

5. The stationary 

Rather than spending tons on unnecessary stationary, why not send your invitations via email and design them using the creative app Canva? Canvas is a free graphic design tool online and has tons of templates and designs to help you get creative with your invites and other online wedding stationary. 

6. The drinks

Skip the full bar and opt for pre-drink cocktails instead to save some costs. G&T’s infused with herbs and citrus have become very popular and can save you the cost of beers, ciders and wine. 

7. The guests 

Be brutal when it comes to your guest list, only invite the people you really need and want at your wedding. By having a smaller wedding, you save on food and venue costs. 

But when it comes to creating a beautiful and enjoyable wedding, their are a few things that deserve the extra buck. Here’s a list of things that you need to splurge on, on your big day:

Wedding must splurge

1. The food 

The food can be a make or break for your big day, guests that have been to the ceremony are eager to have some snacks and perhaps dinner later at the reception. Cutting costs on the menu could be a disappointment for your guests and leave them saying “it was a great evening, but the food was terrible”. So, when it comes to menu and caterer, be sure to splurge for a quality and appetising meal. 

2. The photographer

When you look back at your wedding you want to have great photographs of the big day. Flipping through your photo album wishing that shadow wasn’t on your face or that your photographer just cropped out that random arm could leave you with some regrets. Your photos are your memories after the day is over, so it’s important to splurge on a good photographer, have a test shoot and discuss what you want with your photographer to ensure you get the perfect photos. 

3. The DJ

The entertainment of the evening is all about the dancing after the meal, once everything has been said and done, your guests are keen to get out on the dance floor and dance the night away. That can only be done if the music is flowing and suited to you as the couple and your guests. Be sure not to skimp on the DJ, because the music could make or break your reception, and have your guests leaving awkwardly-early. Discuss your music taste and the vibe you want to create for your big day with your DJ before, so that he or she can prep before hand and so that no awkward-silences occur.