Table Decor Inspiration

While you may have chosen your colour scheme, choosing what centrepiece to have on each table, table gift ideas and the overall impact of the tables for your wedding reception can be tricky. You want something that is suited to your style and matched to your colour scheme, but very unique. 

Whether you have chosen shabby DIY chic, vintage-glam or slick minimalistic style for your wedding theme, table decor can still be unique and on-trend. No matter your colour scheme is these should give you tons of inspiration to make your table decor and centrepieces stand out! 

Flowers, flowers and more flowers.

Flower arrangements for the centrepiece are a crowd favorite – and there are so many styles to choose from! From tiny white blossoms to giant colourful blooms – flowers can make an impressive centrepiece to any wedding table. Your entire colour scheme can be communicated with flowers, or you can keep your flowers muted to one shade and have the other shades of your colour scheme speak out in different aspects like the candles or under-plates on the table. 

The type of flowers you choose will also make a huge impact. Are you after a tightly bound bud or a loose petal bloom?

Your centrepiece can also be confined to a container or vase, or spread out onto the table as a runner – your options are really endless!

Romantic glam with candles.

Of course candles are also popular for wedding table decor, but there are so many ways to incorporate them. A few candles can look gorgeous among the rest of the decor, or you can opt for a bold approach and make the candles the main attraction. 

You can also choose between different shapes & colours for your candles. Is it thin elegant candles in candle sticks that you are after? Thick and chunky candles in glass containers or tea lights floating on water?

All natural with greenery and raw wood.

Greenery has become a popular trend, using minimal flowers and blooms and opting for foliage and leaves like eucalyptus and ferns as the main attraction on the table. Depending on the theme and colour scheme for your wedding, natural raw wood may be a feature in your wedding table decor. 

Greenery gives an instant fresh and organic touch to any table, and when paired with wood and candles, gives us a sense of forest and becomes instantly romantic. You can also incorporate different types of wood, keeping it raw or treated. 

Choose one thing and make it stand out. 

In the past we had a combination of flowers, candles and other decor items – but these days we are seeing a lot of ‘main attractions’ in which one of the three is highlighted on the table more than the other. Nowadays your candles may be the star of the show on a table, while your flowers play a ‘back-up’ role, or vice versa. 

Fruits and vegetables as a centrepiece. 

Gone are the days that flowers are the only organic items to add colour! We are seeing a lot of improv when it comes to centrepieces, and these days, really anything goes. For something unique and out of the box, look for fruits and vegetables that match your colour scheme and work them into your table decor. Also think of the outside as well as the inside of the fruit or veg! 

Fruit like pomegranates, lemons and grapefruit, and vegetables such as artichokes, radishes and cabbages can look gorgeous! Not only can fruit & vegetables cut costs on expensive flowers, but can be used afterwards or donated to a nearby shelter for the less fortunate.  

Minimalistic glass. 

The effect of glass on a table is hugely underrated. Clear or coloured glass can add instant class as an element of table decor. Glass can also be textured or frosted, giving subtle depth to the table’s decor that shows attention to detail. Whether glass is incorporated in jars, vases, votives or under-plates, it can make a serious impression, but still fit into a minimalist style wedding. 

Hanging centrepieces. 

While large centre pieces can create impact, they can also be a bit boisterous, and make it difficult for your guests to see one another across the table. Many guests will then want to remove your centre piece mid-dinner – which can ruin your photos. Thats why its become popular to ditch table rooted centrepieces for hanging centrepieces. By lifting them above the table instead, just above eye-line, dropping down to the table you eliminate the communication problems and give an airy-ness to the whole table.  

This still creates a gorgeous impact without taking up space on the table. And, it creates a fabulous jaw-drop for guests as they enter the venue!

Roses and lace. 

It’s a classic – what’s not to love? No matter what colour of your roses, lace pairs perfectly with these blooms. There is also a lot of different types of lace to choose from, and it can be used in various places on the table – be it a delicate table cloth, frilly runner or subtle lace string around the cutlery. 

Table runners with impact. 

For rectangular tables a table runner can make a huge impact on the table decor. It can be paired with your other table decor, playing a supporting role to whatever is to be placed on top, or packing a powerful punch in which your wedding theme is instantly noticed on the table. 

Personalised laser cut decor. 

Personalised wedding decor has become a must. Wood and perspex can be laser cut into just about anything, personalised with names of your guests, dates, initials and your surname to make the event all the more personalised. 

From wedding stationary and the cake topper to seating placements and take home gifts – we can just about anything to put your personal statement on your big day. 

Votives and vintage glam. 

Votives are gorgeous, but who would have thought they could make the ideal wedding table decor? In similar shades, one or two glass votives can add attention to detail or form a big part of your table decor if there are multiple. 

Sprawling centrepieces. 

Gone are the days of neat and tidy centrepieces, now we love sprawling centrepieces that spread beyond the centre of the table. These centrepieces will make an impact on any table and give the reception a loose and relaxed touch – much needed for the party! 

Less is more. 

If a minimalistic approach is what you are going for, these should give great inspiration. By choosing only the pieces that truly portray your style and theme, you will show your guests your attention to detail. 

Shabby chic. 

Combining the old and the new is a bold statement we love for centrepieces. Whether you are going to Do It Yourself to upscale old items into vintage glam, or build your wedding theme and colour scheme around your table decor – this is a trend here to stay.