Unique table gifts for your wedding guests 

The beauty of a wedding is in the detail. A question every wedding couple struggle with is how to make your guest’s gifts memorable and curated to your own personality as a couple. With these unique table gifts – you are sure to make your day memorable to each and every guest who attends your wedding!

When it comes to take-home gifts for your wedding, its not about the price, more about the effort. Whether you make them yourself or buy them, just make sure they are special enough to make an impact on your guests. Here are some of our favorites:

Show friends and family attending your big day that you care, by giving them something personalised or applicable to them to take home. A jar of honey or jam to take home and use is a great sentiment. 

Looking for ideas for take-home gifts? Salts and spices are a great and useful gift for your guests that will be sure not to be left behind.

If your crowd is particularly boozy, get the party started off with a hangover cure for each guest to use after your big celebration!

If you want to get the party started, give your guests a gift they can have right then and there – even if it’s just to get them footloose on the dance-floor.

A sweets table is a great way to give your guests a sweet send-off! Give your guests a cute little take-away box/bag for them to fill up on their way home!

If a sweets table isn’t your thing, take-home gifts of biltong, pretzels or gourmet savoury popcorn make for lovely snacks for your wedding guests to take home. 

Plants are an all time favourite – even for those without a green thumb. Let love grow and allow your guests to remember your big day for months to come with a succulent or peace in the home.

Keep the celebration going long after your big day by sending your guests home with mini champagne bottles with personalised labels! 

These ought to be the most useful of take-home gifts! Personalised decorative tea towels are sure to be a win with all your guests. Just have a romantic quote added and you’re good to go!

Packets of garden seeds are wedding favor ideas that keep on giving. This idea is perfectly appropriate if you’re having an outdoor wedding at a garden or farm venue. If most of your crowd are travelling from far destinations a plant may not make the journey home, but seeds will always be well received. Be sure to choose easy-to-grow plants that flourish both indoors and outdoors. 

Handmade artisanal soaps are a favourite for anyone so of course they will be a hit as a take-home gift. Consider buying them from a local small business and choose all-natural ingredients for the safest, allergy-friendly soaps. Be sure to look for interesting scent combinations and personalise the labels! 

Donuts are a favorite, so why not make them a take-away treat for your guests? Display them on a wall or in a tier with boxes by the door and allow your guests to take dessert or breakfast home with them for the next day – if they can wait that long!

Repurposing the flower arrangements and wedding centrepieces has become a no-brainer. As your guests start to leave, encourage them to take the flowers and greenery home with them and fill a vase or rustic tin with flowers for their home. 

Looking for something uber useful? Infused olive oil ought to be a crowd pleaser! Whether your guests are foodies or not, they will love gourmet infused olive oil that they can use when cooking at home. This take-home gift can also be paired with your favourite recipe as a couple!

Got quite an old-school crowd and anticipating some tears at the wedding? Up the romance with personalised, vintage hankerchiefs. These are a sweet and sentimental keepsake that your guests will definitely appreciate as you’re reading your handwritten vows. 

Macarons make an elegant and chic wedding favor. These sweet treats look gorgeous when packaged in clear boxes.

Who doesn’t love homemade choc chip cookies? Tempt your wedding guests to cookies of their choice on the way out for the perfect sweet ending to your big day. 

Bring the romance home for your guests with candles and personalised match boxes as take-home gifts for each couple!

No matter what you choose, take home gifts at your wedding should be special and personalised because that’s what makes them so memorable. Put your personal stamp on them by choosing something that is useful and thoughtful for your guests.