Wedding colour schemes we love 

With a rainbow of colours to choose from, picking the perfect colour scheme for your wedding can be tricky. You want it to be unique, but also true to your style as a couple. 

From bright, light and dreamy, wedding colors with cheery accents, to full bodied, rich hues, we have compiled a few of our favourite colour palettes and colour pairings for weddings in 2020!

  1. Silver Sage, Grey & Moss

  2. Dusty Rose, Silver Sage & Grey

  3. Burnt Orange, Terracotta & Greenery

  4. Terracotta, Parchment & Navy Blue

  5. Ginger, Nutmeg & Ivory

  6. Merlot, Green Willow & Spun Sugar

  7. Navy Blue, Slate Blue & Slate Grey

  8. Sunflower Yellow, Grey & Ruby Red

  9. Pineapple, Ivy Green & Soft Blush

  10. Dusty Rose, Moss & Burgundy

  11. Stone Blue, Pumpkin & Nutmeg

  12. Grape Juice, Sugared Plum & Iris Mauve

  13. Latte, Hazelnut & Cashmere

  14. Coral, Evergreen & Blue Fog