DIY Hacks to Incorporate in Your Wedding

1. DIY photo Booth 

Use a disposable camera, cellphone or polaroid for your booth and create the backdrop using strips of paper, wash tape or ribbon for a creative twist on the photo-booth while saving some money! A pallet could also be a great alternative for a DIY booth or backdrop. 

2. DIY seating chart 

Fold these cute little seats out of paper, or to combine the seating chart and party favor dip wine glasses in black matte paint and write the names using chalk onto the glasses for a personalised touch. 

3. DIY party favors

Gifts for the table don’t have to break the bank and doing them yourself makes them a whole lot more special. Succulents are super easy to propagate and make an easy DIY gift. 

4. DIY confetti

Ask family and friends to bring old roses and cut them up for floral confetti, or try this neat DIY hack with autumn leaves and a punch!

5. DIY table decor

Use old wine bottles or jars for flower vases, leave them rustic looking or spray paint them gold for a chic DIY touch to your table decor. 

Old wine bottles also make great candle stands, adding a very romantic and vintage look to your decor. 

Grab some old wine corks and use them to make seating tags for your guests. 

6. DIY dessert

How often do people splurge on wedding cakes, just to have guests only eat a few slices, and it gets stale within a week? Why not opt for the DIY option of making your cupcakes and icing them by hand? These beautiful floral-inspired cupcakes are definitely impressive on guests and the budget. 

Another idea is a sweets-table that will cost way less than a wedding cake, while adding a fun DIY party favour for your guests. 

The donut wall has become such a trend! Buy the donuts from your local grocery store and DIY the board with dull sticks – easy-peasy. Or opt for a tiered donut ‘cake’. Add some edible glitter to your donuts to make them extra fabulous.