The Ultimate Wedding To-Do List

Planning your wedding can be stressful no matter how much time you have to do it. Making endless lists in your head only to forget minutes later can make the whole process a little more stressful! 

  1. First things first, once you have gotten engaged, sit down with your significant other and decide what your ideal wedding should look like and feel like. Once you have decided that part, the next part is the budget. Whether you are paying for it yourselves or getting help from your parents, you need to have a budget before you can do anything!
  2. Next on the wedding to-do-list: decide with your partner what potential wedding dates could suit you both and how many guests you play on inviting. Then get to the researching of your venue, where would you like it to be? Be sure to keep the budget in mind when researching. Once you have a wedding date be sure to send your guests their “save-the-dates” via email. 
  3. The next step for wedding planning is to draw up a plan of how you want to allocate your budget, what is important to you and your fiancé? Once you have decided that, get to booking your venue and researching possible wedding rental services if need be. Find yourself the following: 
    • Photographer
    • Florist 
    • DJ
    • Hair and makeup artist 
    • Cake 
  4. For the bride, your wedding dress search needs to be priority next. This step can take long especially if you are having your dress made. For the bride, your wedding dress search needs to be priority next. Find a list of wedding dress shops to go try on various styles – it helps to also know what styles you like and what suits your body best. Decide if you would like something elegant or avantgarde? Lace or satin? A-line or mermaid fit?
  5. Next on our to-do-list for the wedding is the bridesmaids & groomsmen. Be sure to think about your closest friends and family and pop the question to those special people to be involved in your big day. 
  6. Decide what style and colour scheme you want on your big day, and make sure to communicate these ideas with your venue and wedding planner. Once that is taken care of, it’s time to book your band or DJ for your wedding. Also be sure to research and reserve accommodation for your guests and important family members. 
  7. The wedding night should also be planned – make sure you have accommodation for the evening and have your bag packed. Thereafter, your honeymoon is an important part to kick-off your marriage. Be sure to plan where and what kind of honeymoon you and you love would like to have and make the necessary arrangements. 
  8. Drawing closer to the final arrangements you need to book an official to marry you and your significant other, be it a church you will need to book your church and pastor to officiate the wedding and sign the necessary documents. 
  9. Have your bridesmaids/groomsmen plan your bachelor & bachelorette parties. That way you will have a lot less stress planning another event, and way more fun enjoying the evening. 
  10. Next up on the wedding to-do-list, your bridesmaids and groomsmen will need their attire for the big day. Go shopping with your bridal party and have them try-on and fit their dresses and suits. 
  11. Decide on an MC for the wedding and what you would like the day to include, who should speak and what should happen when. If you want a formal wedding, be sure to communicate this with your MC. 
  12. You will also need to plan your wedding transport and where you will be getting dressed for the wedding. This needs to be done a month or two in advance. 
  13. Create a spreadsheet of the guests and RSVPs and keep this updated as your guests give you notice. That way you can keep track of the guest list and numbers throughout the months leading up to the wedding, and let your caterers and wedding venue know. 
  14. When it comes to the bride’s look on the day, its important to book a trial for your hair and makeup. Decide what you like and communicate your ideas to your artist, and be sure to speak up if there is something you don’t like – its your day after all!
  15. After all that it’s time to fit your wedding dress and make any last minute changes and alterations. Be sure to then buy your shoes, accessories for both the bride and groom now – in case you need to order them online or wait for shipping. 
  16. If you are planning to have a flower girl or ring-bearer at your wedding, now is the time to plan their outfits and have them made. 
  17. We’re getting to the end of our planning and the “do-day” is coming up fast. Now it’s time to make last minute arrangements, and any changes. For those guests yet to RSVP, contact them and find out whether they will be attending or not so that you can get a final headcount. 
  18. Last on your to-do-list should be the table decor, decide what you and your partner like and how you want things to be laid out on the tables. 
  19. The week before your wedding should include the last minute errands:

•Printing of placecards and the take-home gifts. 

•Call your venue and wedding planner to create a timetable for the big day.

•Get manicures, massages, waxes & all your preening and prep done now. 

•Pack an overnight bag for the reception.

•Pack for the honeymoon.

•Confirm pick-up times for the bridal party with the wedding car.

The Day Before the Wedding is here, so this is your little last minute to-do list:

•Drop off last minute place cards, table cards, menus, favours at the venue. 

•Sort out all the payments and final balances for all vendors and caterers. 

•Ensure the cake is on track to be delivered to reception venue – it’s best to have someone else, like your maid of honour, look after this.